Spirent Collaborates with TIP Community Lab in Indonesia

Spirent Collaborates with TIP Community Lab

Spirent Communications, the leading provider of test and assurance solutions for next-generation devices and networks, today announced its collaboration with TIP Community Lab in Indonesia to accelerate telecom innovations and next-generation network infrastructure deployments. As a technology partner contributing to the project, Spirent’s Landslide – 5G Mobility Infrastructure Testing Platform has been deployed & can be used to function as clients to O-RAN CU or also emulate CU where needs for CU emulation is desired. It can be used to validate O-CU for both compliance and performance testing at the TIP Community Labs.

The TIP Community Lab at Telkom University, Indonesia evaluates solutions developed by the TIP community and network operators to advance digital and economic growth in Indonesia through test and validation, based on open and disaggregated network technology standards, and accelerate the transition from lab to the field.

Spirent’s Landslide 5G mobility infrastructure test platform incorporates device emulation and network testing capabilities that expand through various 3GPP releases (Release 13 and onward). The Landslide 5G testing feature-set supports validation needs for the entire evolution path to 5G.

“It gives us immense pleasure in collaborating with TIP Community Labs where Indonesian operators connect and support the development of innovation and joint capabilities that foster research, developments & opportunities”, said Kishore Kumar, Business Head – 5G Strategy at Spirent Communications. Spirent’s flagship virtualized product line, Landslide with O-DU simulation & O-CU emulation capabilities provides flexible, scalable and standards complied test solution for testing functionality, performance & capacity, he added.

Vishal Mathur, Global Head of Engagement, Telecom Infra Project, said: “TIP Community Labs offer a valuable framework for industry collaboration that contributes to the development of open, disaggregated and standards-based network infrastructure solutions. We’re pleased to see the positive impact the Telkom University sponsored community lab is having in advancing connectivity in Indonesia and the wider region and proud of the vital role played by our participants in supporting these efforts.”

TIP Community Labs are created to seamlessly develop, test, deploy and share resources, minimizing duplication of testing efforts. The community labs are a new approach to testing and deploying telecom network infrastructure which encourages the industry to adopt open and collaborative practices for developing new technologies.

With its unique dynamic testing capability, Spirent Landslide can test all the 4G and 5G infrastructure nodes in isolation and subsequently change the testing topology to progressively incorporate more nodes to the test-bed for a full end-to-end network or slice validation. Complex 5G call modeling scenarios can be created that include specific 5G devices in various stages of activation, deactivation, dual-connectivity, handovers and 5G data transfers. Carriers can also capture measurements in the live 5G network and replicate them in the lab with Landslide for increased realism in the test-bed.

Incorporating industry-leading features and capabilities, the highly flexible and easy-to-configure, Spirent’s Landslide is helping TIP Community Lab, design and validate Open RAN solutions for integration, functionality, interoperability, and performance.

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