Aerosense’ Survey Drone “Aerobo PPK” has been adopted as a compatible drone for EARTHBRAIN’s “Smart Construction Edge 2”

Aerosense’ latest Survey Drone “Aerobo PPK” has been adopted as a domestic drone compatible for EARTHBRAIN’s “Smart Construction Edge 2” (available on October 18, 2022).

EARTHBRAIN’s “Smart Construction Edge 2” was developed as an improved version of the company’s “Smart Construction Edge”. The “Smart Construction Edge 2” is characterized by high-speed processing of data captured by drones of a vast construction site and the ability to immediately check point cloud data. You can acquire information, install it anywhere, and perform advanced and more accurate surveying.

Aerosense’ Survey Drone “Aerobo PPK”

The reason why Aerosense’s Survey Drone “Aerobo PPK” was adopted as a drone compatible with “Smart Construction Edge 2” this time is that “Aerobo PPK” was developed to reduce the man-hours required to install anti-aircraft signals in the photogrammetry process. It is dedicated to photogrammetry made in Japan and is capable of shooting according to i-Construction standards. In addition, it was developed exclusively for photogrammetry in Japan to reduce the number of man-hours for installing GCP, and has high oncoming wind resistance (15 m / s), long flight time of 20 minutes or more, flight altitude of 50 m and high resolution. (1.06 cm/pixel) and other features were highly evaluated for its high survey accuracy.

Aerosense will continue to contribute to the improvement of productivity in the construction industry by providing solutions that improve the efficiency of operations at construction sites through drones developed based on our high technological capabilities.

Aero Robo PPK Product Specifications

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