Why use drone technology for surveying & mapping

A few years ago The GEOSPATIAL Industry Underwent a Revolution, First, it was used total Station than Came GPS, Laser Scanner & even robotics too played a role in advancing it.

Today the technology which is gaining momentum in the industry is Drone technology due to its numerous benefits.

Now Professional are Adding another tool Mapping & Surveying Drones, Which Boast of quick Data Collection Excellent positional Accuracy and Safe operator Experience.

Benefits of Drone in surveying & mapping

  • A traditional Ground Survey team may need a moth to maps a difficult 100-acre site. But a Mapping Drone Can complete the same task in less than half an hour.
  • Surveying Roadways Floods areas or Congested cities Landscapes are perfect Assignments for Drone Technology.
  • Quick Data Collection From Fields.
  • Easy Completion of projects in areas that are difficult to Dangerous to access.
  • Survey Grade Accuracy with less time, less manpower, and less equipment.
  • Drones can fly closer to the Ground Surface and supply a much-improved resolution for areal surveying and photography.

Drones are Becoming an Industry Standard and Customers are Asking for UAV Surveying.