Connectivity Software Suite for Business Aviation 

Honeywell has developed Honeywell’s Cabin Sentinel, a new Connectivity Software Suite for Business Aviation which is available to all Honeywell customers, will also be included in Dassault Aviation’s FalconConnect line for new and existing Dassault aircraft. 

Cabin Sentinel’s suite of complementary software solutions enhances connectivity, responsiveness of support and overall passenger experience through advanced control and security over the customer’s connection. The suite allows users to extend the monitoring of their aircraft beyond just the ground, to monitor the entire network and receive vulnerability alerts.

Features of Connectivity Software Suite include: 

·                Enhanced control to reduce the cost of data. Cabin Sentinel provides the ability to control and monitor the data consumed on the aircraft, including content blocking and media prioritization, to improve customer experience and help lower the monthly cost of the data. Utilizing this software also allows you to review each flight minute by minute to correlate passenger feedback with performance of the hardware and network while also detailing how the data is being consumed and how to optimize your control settings. 

·                Targeted performance notifications. Cabin Sentinel extends beyond traditional notifications to allows customers to receive in-depth status updates on their aircraft’s connectivity performance without having to log into a dashboard. These enhanced notifications allow customers to proactively set data warning limits, know when an aircraft is going into or out of coverage, and even provide a post-flight connectivity report directly to operators.  

·                Improved customer support communication. Customers using Cabin Sentinel can receive account and aircraft notifications and interact with Honeywell support through Microsoft Teams, providing easier, timely methods to receive Honeywell communications and interact with Honeywell customer support. 

·                Increased security features, including on-wing intrusion detection through Honeywell’s GoDirect Router. Identifying intrusions on the ground monitors the data only after it is sent over the network. Extending the monitoring to the aircraft will effectively monitor and alert suspicious activities up to 50% earlier, improving overall network security. 

Honeywell has led the industry in producing line fit SATCOM systems and has intimate knowledge of the systems and the network. With Cabin Sentinel we have used advanced technology to develop software that encapsulates that wealth of knowledge. This creates a significantly improved passenger experience, superior customer support and enhanced customer awareness all while improving network vulnerability management,said Adam Sheppard, director of Aircraft Connectivity, Honeywell Aerospace. 

Honeywell’s new Cabin Sentinel will launch with Dassault Aviation, which has signed an agreement to include the solution for new and existing FalconConnect customers. Powered by Honeywell, FalconConnect is an all-in-one suite of services and applications that enables operators to deliver the best-available connected experience to their passengers, flight crews and ground crews.  

Cabin Sentinel is available now for all aircraft. For more information, visit