Geotab’s Telematics technology to streamline Smog Checks for government fleet vehicles in California

Geotab joins California Bureau of Automotive Repair’s Continuous Testing Program pilot

Geotab announced that it has joined the California Bureau of Automotive Repair’s (BAR) Continuous Testing Program (CTP) pilot, a program designed to help alleviate the effort of in-person Smog Checks for government fleet vehicles in California. Leveraging near real-time engine information processed through Geotab’s telematics device, BAR will receive Smog Check information for government fleet vehicles enrolled in the CTP without the vehicles ever needing to do a manual inspection.

“As the trusted single-source telematics provider for the state of California, Geotab is uniquely positioned to deliver its telematics platform to government agencies across the state to help improve efficiency, reduce GHG emissions, streamline regulatory reporting and compliance and much more,” said Jean Pilon-Bignell, Vice President of Business Development, Government and Smart City at Geotab. “Geotab’s new membership in BAR’s CTP program will do just that, enabling BAR and government agencies alike to share a more seamless Smog Check process, ultimately helping to ensure that vehicles are running as cleanly and efficiently as possible while reducing unnecessary fleet downtime.”

Utilizing a Geotab GO9 device to support the integration, eligible vehicles are equipped with Geotab’s telematics technology which can process all necessary information from the OBD-II port and can send the information to a secured, Geotab-hosted cloud environment. From there, engine data may be securely sent to BAR to satisfy the vehicle’s Smog Check requirements.

“An average manual Smog Check can take approximately 30 minutes to complete and be accompanied by varying prices, which can potentially result in significant downtime and additional maintenance costs, especially for large fleets,” said Neil Garrett, Associate Vice President of Business Development, Government at Geotab. “We are proud to be able to help combat this issue and to deliver additional value for government fleets in California through our membership in BAR’s Continuous Testing Program pilot. Geotab’s involvement in this program not only enables fleets in California to save time and money by automating Smog Checks, but allows government agencies at all levels across the nation to leverage this technology and Smog Check functionality to ensure their own fleet vehicles are operating in a sustainable and efficient manner.”