Blue Marble Geographics Releases Version 23.1 of Global Mapper Standard & Pro Software Development Kits

Version 23.1 Global Mapper software development kits are updated to include support for streamed Entwine (EPT) data sources & creation of contour lines directly from lidar data

Blue Marble Geographics announce the immediate availability of version 23.1 of Global Mapper and Global Mapper Pro software development kits (SDKs). Both Standard and Pro editions of the  Global Mapper SDK offer developers the opportunity to use functionality from Global Mapper in their own projects or products.

Version 23.1 of the Global Mapper Standard and Pro software development kits are updated with many of the new features found in the installed Global Mapper 23.1 programs. In the Standard edition, streamed data formats are expanded to include Entwine Point Tile (EPT) lidar data sources and MapBox Vector Tiles. These formats enhance the ability to stream point cloud and vector data from an online source. Additional built-in sources for easy data access include the USGS Public Lidar Dataset utilizing the new Entwine (EPT) streaming method.  

An essential tool for developers incorporating point cloud processing into tools or programs, the Global Mapper Pro SDK includes all the functionality from the Standard edition with valuable functionality for advanced analysis. In the Pro edition (formerly the Global Mapper Lidar SDK), the point cloud processing capabilities are expanded allowing contour lines to be derived from a lidar file, and updates to the segmentation tool now consider RGB colors associated with returns and provide access to this customized analysis via scripting. 

The Global Mapper SDK provides developers with a feature-rich toolkit, granting access to hundreds of file formats, rich analysis tools, and a top-notch display engine,” says Chief Technology Officer Victor Minor. “In this latest release we continue to expand our unique GIS toolset into the Cloud with fully functional data streaming service support including Entwine online tile datasets.” 

Providing the opportunity to utilize the engine behind Global Mapper in custom applications and tools, the Blue Marble software development kits are employed and valued by organizations worldwide.

To download a trial of the Global Mapper Standard or Pro SDK, visit the Blue Marble Geographics website