SBG Systems supports Education with IMU, AHRS, INS/GNSS & PPK Software

Supporting Teams Competitions with Inertial Navigation Systems

SBG Systems has built a specific program to sponsor students participating in competitions in various fields, such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, UAV, rockets, unmanned and solar boats, and many more and offers a specific discount to Universities and Research Centers on inertial sensors and post-processing software. This includes support during the competition as well as during the installation of our latest Inertial Navigation Systems in the teams’ vehicle prototype.

Get your School the Latest Miniature AHRS, and RTK GNSS/INS Sensors

The Ellipse Series, eligible to our Education Program, is composed of the most advanced and miniature Inertial Measurement Unit, Attitude and Heading Refence Systems and Inertial Navigation Systems. The whole product line has recently been renewed to deliver unmatched accuracy even in harsh environments. The new Ellipse INS/GNSS embeds a quad constellation, dual frequency, and dual Antenna RTK GNSS receiver to bring centimetric position and higher accuracy orientation in the smallest package.

In addition to being compatible with CAN and ROS, the Ellipse Series’ sensors are compatible with Qinertia, the SBG Systems’ in-house INS/GNSS post-processing software.

Go Further in your Training and Research with Post-Processing

In just a few clicks, Qinertia Post-Processing Software allows to replay, analyze, improve their trajectories, and access RTK corrections worldwide to bring your project to the centimetric accuracy. Whether it is for unmanned vehicles testing, surveying, or hydrography, teachers and students can further enhance their project’s accuracy and secure it.