Septentrio showcased mosaic-T Timing Module at ITSF

The mosaic-T Timing Module takes resilience & security to the next level with the recently upgraded ASP+ anti-spoofing functionality combined with Septentrio’s well known AIM+ anti-jamming technology

mosaic-T Timing Module

Septentrio showcased its multi-frequency mosaic-T Timing Module at the International Timing and Sync Forum (ITSF) in Dusseldorf. This compact multi-constellation module performs frequency synchronization with nanosecond accuracy. The ASP+ technology in mosaic-T has recently been upgraded to include the OSNMA (Open Service Navigation Message Authentication), the latest mechanism from Galileo to thwart GNSS spoofing attacks.  

We are excited to exhibit the mosaic-T timing module at ITSF. The outstanding anti-jam and anti-spoof capabilities of this receiver answer the demands for a resilient timing source in critical applications and infrastructure,” commented Francois Freulon, Head of Product Management at Septentrio.

ITSF is the largest timing and sync event in the world, taking place on November 7 to 10 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Speak with GNSS timing experts from Septentrio in booth 30 at the Kö59 Hotel. For more information about mosaic-T or other Septentrio products contact the Septentrio team and visit