EPCOS Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with snap-in terminals

TDK Corporation presents the new EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitor series B43548 with snap-in terminals. The capacitors feature an excellent maximum ripple current capability of 9.80 A (400 V, 100 Hz, 60 °C) making them ideal for demanding applications in power electronics.

The capacitors are designed for a maximum operating temperature of 105°C, have a rated voltage range of 400 V to 500 V and reach under these conditions a useful life time of 3000 h. Depending on the rated voltage, they offer a capacitance range of 68 µF to 820 µF in case sizes of 25 mm x 25 mm to 35 mm x 55 mm (d x l). A special feature of the series is the high level of resilience against rapid charging and discharging cycles.

With their outstanding ripple current capability, these capacitors are ideal for use in frequency converters, industrial power supplies, UPS systems, medical devices and photovoltaic inverters. Thanks to their robustness in relation to rapid charging and discharging cycles, they also meet the demanding requirements of servo drive applications.

Main fields of application

• Frequency converters
• Servo drives
• Photovoltaic inverters
• UPS systems
• Medical devices
• Industrial power supplies

Main features and benefits

• Outstanding ripple current capability
• High CV product and compact measurements
• High level of robustness in relation to rapid charging and discharging cycles