Syrlinks X-Band Transmitter selected by Synspective for its StriX β Satellite

Syrlinks are proud to announce their partnership in the integration of Syrlinks’s compact X-Band Telemetry Transmitter, in the framework of the StriX β mission.

StriX β is Japanese synthetic aperture radar satellite built by Synspective as a demonstrator for their planned 30 satellites constellation. It will feature an X-band synthetic aperture radar. The satellites are micro satellites in the range of 100 kilogram capable of imaging at a resolution of one to three meters. By 2023 the company plans to launch the six first satellites of the constellation.

For this project, Synspective has elected a compact X-Band transmitter solution from Syrlinks. This solution authorizes to establish High-Data-Rate downlink from the satellite down to the ground station to receive all the data as required for the mission.

Syrlinks global portfolio for X-Band transmission

It features latest state-of-art transmission technology such as DVB-S2 ModCods to maximize bandwidth usage and communication link efficiency.

We are very proud for having been elected by Synspective for this project. It’s a great opportunity for us to highlight the unmatched capabilities of the DVB-S2 based signal performances for High-Data-Rate downlink transmission.” says Eric PINSON, Director of Space activity at Syrlinks.

“It is a great recognition of a work of several years to design COTS based compact X-Band transmitters, highly reliable and bringing cutting-edge transmitting performances.”, adds Eric.

For our StriX β satellite, which objective is to demonstrate the future capability of our coming-next 30 satellites constellation, we were looking for a high-performance compact X-Band Transmitter. The fact that the solution proposed by Syrlinks can achieve high data rate based on DVB-S2 has been decisive in our selection.” said Akeshi Inoshita, Project Manager at Synspective.