Indonesian Air Force selected Collins Aero for its C-130H Hercules Military Transport Aircraft modernization effort

Global leader in C-130 upgrades: Collins Aerospace & GMF to transform Indonesian Air Force C-130H aircraft with modern digital cockpit

The Indonesian Air Force joins a growing list of customers that have selected Collins Aerospace for its C-130H Hercules military transport aircraft modernization effort. Serving as a contractor to GMF, Collins Aerospace will provide its Flight2 avionics solution, that transforms dated analog controls into a modern digital glass cockpit and expands Collins’ position as the global leader in C-130 modifications.

Used for a broad range of missions, including personnel and cargo transport, as well as humanitarian efforts, the Flight2 avionics modification will replace the C-130H’s analog instruments with seven multifunction displays, three control display units and new digital autopilot. In addition, the aircraft will be equipped with the Required Navigation Performance/Area Navigation flight management system, with high altitude release point and computed air release point precision airdrop software. The modernization will help the Indonesian Air Force optimize its operations, improve pilot situational awareness and minimize aircraft downtime.

We worked closely with GMF and the Indonesian Air Force to leverage our Flight2 Mobility Mission Application (MMA) architecture, and to tailor the system to meet all the specific mission requirements,” said Dave Schreck, vice president and general manager for Military Avionics and Helicopters at Collins Aerospace. “MMA enables customers to select from a superset of off-the-shelf capabilities, which really maximizes what we can provide for any given budget. In this case, we created a solution that is custom fit to the needs of the Indonesian Air Force.”

Andi Fahrurrozi, CEO of GMF, added, “We are delighted to work with Collins Aerospace to jointly modernize the C-130H owned by the Indonesian Air Force. GMF, as a proud Indonesian provider appointed by the Ministry of Defense, believes this prestigious project can be done in a timely manner by working closely with Collins Aerospace. This project is a part of GMF’s effort to diversify the business and support the defense industry to rejuvenate the fleet and improve flight safety.

By upgrading to Flight2, the Indonesian Air Force’s C-130H will be in compliance with the most recent International Civil Aviation Organization standards, while also equipping it with a tactical advantage in military operations.

Collins Aerospace has delivered over 2,900 Flight2 solutions for military fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft including 370 C-130s upgraded, or on contract to be upgraded, in 16 different countries. More C-130 upgrades have been fitted with avionics from Collins than from any other single provider in the world.