Semtech & TagoIO cooperate to develop new Cloud-based Tracking Solution

New functionality builds on the LoRa Edge™ platform to simplify the development of innovative geolocation and asset management applications

Semtech Corporation and TagoIO collaborate to utilize Semtech’s LoRa Cloud geolocation services in combination with LoRa Edge platform to create an innovative, low-power asset management solution using TagoIO’s own IoT platform. The integrated functionality of these two IoT Clouds builds on LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol to deliver long-range connectivity and low operating power, simplifying the development of innovative low-power asset management applications.

“By collaborating with Semtech, TagoIO aims to provide customers and developers with the means to create new, flexible and easy-to-use LoRa Edge-based asset trackers for an out-of-the-box, accelerated development experience,” said Fabio Rosa, CEO of TagoIO. “The LoRa Edge asset management platform is not just another chip, it is a complete ecosystem. Integrating TagoIO’s Cloud platform with network servers and Semtech’s LoRa Cloud geolocation services was a comprehensive and concerted effort into the chip’s resources, resulting in best-in-class low-power solution for tracking.”

TagoIO’s Cloud dashboards, analytics and interface capabilities provide valuable elements for developers to simply test new LoRa Edge-based tracking solutions and expand the flexibility of asset management applications. Customers can now build their own affordable applications based on the new asset tracker to monitor the location of assets in nearly any vertical, including agriculture, logistics, security, services, or smart cities. Leveraging LoRa devices’ proven connectivity advantages enables solutions to deploy quickly, scale based on need and deliver a quick return on investment (ROI).  

“Combining LoRa Edge solutions, LoRa Cloud services  and Cloud-based Asset management  services, such as TagoIO’s leading platform, creates a unique system architecture bringing compelling advantages for location accuracy, management efficiency and low power consumption,” said Sree Durbha, Director of Product Management in Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. “The new tracking solution allows developers as well as enterprises to quickly create proven geolocation applications and bring them to market, and the integrated TagoIO Cloud platform provides increased accessibility in data management to drive down costs.”