LoRaWAN compliant “622 Module” for Automotive & IoT applications

Semtech & DTDS accelerate IoT Development with new LoRaWAN compliant “622 Module” which includes an embedded Renesas MCU for leading low power consumption

Semtech Corporation and DTDS Technology have announced the development of a new module operating on the LoRaWAN protocol. DTDS’s 622 Module leverages an integrated Renesas MCU to offer enhanced network coverage and strength in automotive and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The module delivers long range connectivity and low operating power, simplifying the development process for IoT products without compromising performance.

“Renesas’ RL78 MCU represents a leading choice for sensor applications that requires very low power consumption in both active and deep sleep mode,” said Sunil Dhar, President of Renesas Electronics Singapore. “We believe that with its new 622 Module, DTDS has created an effective product to simplify and accelerate the development of new and innovative IoT products, and increase accessibility to low power wide area network (LPWAN) applications worldwide.”

“By integrating Semtech’s proven LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol, DTDS aims to provide customers with the means to create new, flexible and easy-to-use IoT applications with superior long range and low power capabilities,” said Jeffrey Tan, Chairman at DTDS. “Previously, those who wanted to build successful wireless applications would need access to experienced RF engineers. The goal of the 622 Module is to take the burden off designers by simplifying device creation, allowing them to focus on bringing high quality wireless products to market quickly.”

DTDS’s 622 Module is LoRaWAN compliant with both Class A and Class C of the protocol specification and includes an embedded Renesas RL78/G13 microcontroller to provide leading low power consumption (66μA/MHz) and performance at 43.2 DMIPS (32MHz) for use in smart utility, smart home, smart agriculture, smart lighting, and smart transportation applications. It is suitable for long range sensor-based interfaces with an external host MCU over AT commands and supports the 868MHz, 915MHz and 923MHz operation bands.

DTDS’s 622 module streamlines the development process and supports the deployment and rapid growth of large, scalable LPWANs. With LoRaWAN connectivity, applications built on the 622 Module can deploy in harsh radio environments and provide several key IoT advantages, including remote firmware updates and the flexibility to join different LoRaWAN networks based on deployment need.

“Semtech’s LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol empower customers to develop secure, next-generation and innovative IoT applications by providing them with an accessible and easy-to-use device,” said Marc Pegulu, Vice President of IoT for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. “The module allows developers as well as enterprises to efficiently develop their applications and bring them to market, shortening the design and sales cycles and reducing associated cost.”

Key Features:

  • Best performance in operating voltage (VCC) range: 1.8 to 3.7V
  • Best performance in receiver sensitivity performance: -137dBm @ SF12 BW=125KHz
  • Lowest in transmission current: 122mA @ 22dBm
  • Low power consumption to enhance battery life (>10 years)
  • UFL connector for design flexibility
  • Evaluation board with industry standard pMOD interface and two antenna connector interfaces (SMA, UFL) for development purposes