Quectel to launch first module with integrated nuSIM

Quectel Wireless Solutions BG95-M3 LTE module is available as part of a joint nuSIM solution developed by Quectel along with support from Deutsche Telekom, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Redtea Mobile. The latest offerings follow increasing adoption of nuSIM by chipset, module and digital security experts. The module is based on Qualcomm® 9205 LTE Modem, a global multi-mode single chipset connectivity solution, purpose built to support reliable and optimized cellular connectivity for IoT applications such as asset trackers, smart city sensors and smart meters.

nuSIM, the integrated SIM for IoT

nuSIM, the integrated SIM for the Internet of Things (IoT), has been developed to remove the need for the physical SIM and meet the low power and cost requirements of many IoT devices. The traditional SIM function is moved onto the chipset thereby reducing the device’s overall bill of materials (BOM) cost and enabling design and logistical efficiencies. The end user benefits because they receive instant connectivity without any additional effort being required at the point of deployment.

A key principle of nuSIM has been an open specification to ensure interoperability for the secure provisioning of operator credentials during module or device production, and this latest announcement demonstrates how the ecosystem around nuSIM is continuing to mature. By enabling module operator data to be added to modules or devices in a secure process at the time of manufacture, IoT devices can be shipped in a ready-to-connect state, reducing the need for localized versions and configuration when they arrive in their deployment market.

“We’ve developed the Quectel BG95-M3 LTE Cat M1/Cat NB2/EGPRS module to serve the needs of IoT innovators for an ultra-low power product,says Norbert Muhrer, President and CSO, Quectel Wireless Solutions. “Now we can enable designs that offer reduced device size, lower overall cost and savings on power consumption. For many IoT applications, such as wireless POS, asset tracking, wearables, monitoring and smart metering, these capabilities open up mass-market opportunities for the first time.”

The ability of nuSIM to enable simplified device design, manufacture and deployment is driving uptake as IoT organizations recognize the benefits of integrating SIM functions at the point of manufacture and designing for a global market. The potential to reduce the number of regional variants needed for a product – in many cases to one global stock keeping unit (SKU) number – has attractive operational advantages, while having the confidence that secure connectivity can be provisioned at the factory through a straight-forward digital process.

Discover nuSIM at Digital X

Digital X is coming back to Cologne on 13 and 14 September 2022. nuSiM will be presented on September 13 at 2pm at the IoT Brand House, Heising & Adelmann, Friesenstrasse 58. Digital X is one of Europe’s largest cross-industry digitization initiatives. Organized by Deutsche Telekom with more than 300 national and international partners involved.

For more details, visit www.telekom.com/digital-x-special.