SkyBitz launched New Satellite Solution for Remote Tank Monitoring

SkyBitz ST90 SAT satellite-based tank monitoring solution offers ubiquitous coverage & global visibility through the SMARTank Platform

SkyBitz launched its new satellite-based tank monitoring solution, providing global data monitoring capabilities to customers with tanks operating in remote locations that are outside of consistent cellular coverage areas.

The ST90 SAT from SkyBitz delivers highly accurate tank information 24/7, all at a low cost of ownership, based on a long-lasting service life thanks to a solar-rechargeable battery. With a host of unique data-driven features available through the SkyBitz SMARTank platform, users gain access to tank location via GPS functionality, historical usage reports, tank level data, inventory temperature, rate of consumption data, and other easily programmable threshold-based notifications and alerts.

With global visibility, customers can now eliminate run-outs and expensive emergency deliveries associated with traveling to distant, rural areas because of a lack of insight. The ST90 SAT allows dispatch operations to optimize their routes and maximize product deliveries resulting in more sales and better customer service while reducing extraneous fuel costs, vehicle maintenance expenses, and increased labor hours. Higher visibility translates directly to more efficient and profitable service and distribution operations.

“We recognized the importance of providing a satellite solution to our customers who require ubiquitous monitoring and coverage capabilities as a means to reduce manually servicing remote tank inventories. During these unusually challenging times, it is more important than ever to limit the safety risks involved with managing a remote workforce and mitigate the higher than average operating costs associated with remote tank monitoring. The ST90 SAT delivers complete and accurate visibility to tank level inventory no matter where they are located, which means our customers can achieve maximum control over inventory levels and adjust distribution according to true demand,” states Anton Albrand, Division Vice President Sales, SkyBitz.

Operating on the Iridium satellite constellation network, the ST90 SAT offers a two-way communication pathway that enables over-the-air configuration updates and features a simple magnetic activation mechanism to begin transmitting data. The solution was built to capture those hard to reach tank locations that do not have cellular access and bring them on-line so customers can gain access to the complete SkyBitz offering and all the benefits included with an automated solution.