WORK Microwave Showcases World-Class RF Technology for Defence Applications at AOC Europe 2022

WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced defence and satellite communications equipment, will demonstrate its latest best-in-class RF technology for defence applications, including radar, SIGINT and COMINT, and advanced GNSS simulation at AOC Europe 2022.

Key highlights at the show will include:

High-End Radar and Other RF Components

WORK Microwave Showcasing Its Radar Synthesizer and Radar Converter at AOC Europe 2022

WORK Microwave will showcase its Radar Synthesizer at AOC Europe 2022. The company’s fast-hopping synthesizer modules support fixed-mobile, and man-portable radar systems from the D- to X-band. The synthesizer includes a master oscillator with very low phase noise.

In addition, WORK Microwave will demonstrate its Radar Converter for up/down conversion. The dual-conversion, frequency-agile solution supports the IF- to X-band, including the L-band and Ka-band, and offers ultralow phase noise and spurious performance, high gain stability, and optional Tx or Rx Cal modes.

SIGINT and COMINT Devices for Intelligence Gathering

WORK Microwave’s Quad Channel V-Band Block Upconverter will be on display at AOC Europe 2022.

WORK Microwave’s Integrated Wideband Downconverter will be on display at AOC Europe 2022. Covering the full spectrum up to 40 GHz, the wideband frequency downconverters can be deployed indoors and outdoors or can be integrated as OEM modules for a wide variety of demanding SIGINT and COMINT applications.

WORK Microwave will also bring its Quad-Channel V-Band Block Upconverter to AOC Europe in 2022. As one of the industry’s first Satcom solutions to support the full V-band spectrum, the customized outdoor unit supports IP67 and Fit, Form, and Function (3F).

Additionally, WORK Microwave will demo its Dual-Channel Ka-Band Block Converter Module with an internal reference and integrated output combiner. Beyond the Ka-band, the converter module is available for the C- to Q-band.

Reliable GNSS Simulation Devices

WORK Microwave’s Xidus GNSS Simulator offers high-fidelity, reliable RF signals with automated calibration — ideal for validating the performance of GNSS receivers.

WORK Microwave’s Xidus GNSS Simulator provides high-fidelity, reliable RF signals with automated calibration, making it ideal for validating the performance of GNSS receivers. It offers resilient PNT testing, supporting all GNSS constellations and all frequencies. Advanced scenarios, such as jamming and spoofing and CRPA simulation, can be carried out easily and precisely within laboratories. The simulator also includes APIs and remote command control for flexible system integration and automation of testing.

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