Drone Technology Global Conference on Industrial Applications & Opportunities

Drone Technology Global Conference

The 5th International Drone Technology: Industrial Applications & Opportunities Global Conference is a virtual conference going to be held on 28-29th September 2022.

Organized by AIRM Institute, the Conference will address the latest technologies and applications of Drones in the industry and service-specific products and challenges in the Drone Inspection. It will be a great platform to interact, share and exchange the ideas and their experiences of the industry with experts and people around the world.

Some of the key topics include: Drone Surveying & Mapping Solutions, 3D Mapping with Drones, Application in Farming & Pesticides, Safety Surveillance, Drone Inspection & Monitoring Solutions, Asset Inspection, Challenges & New Scopes of Application and much more.

Details of the Event:

28-29th September 2022


Location / hall

Global Virtual Conference


Key TopicsDrone Survey & Mapping, 3D Mapping,
Drone Inspection