ComNav Technology upgraded its N5 GNSS Receiver to K8 platform

ComNav Technology announced a comprehensive upgrade of N5 GNSS receiver to the global market. The upgrade mainly includes the new GNSS platform and UHF module, offering higher efficiency for field users.

Coming with brand new appearance, the upgraded N5 also shows superior performance in all aspects. Since the K8-platform were launched, ComNav Technology has integrated K8-platform into N5 GNSS receiver, which bringing a great improvement in signal tracking, computing capability and power saving.

Improved from 574 signal tracking channels to 1198 channels, the N5 is capable of tracking all running & planned constellations.The number of tracking satellites of the new platform is increased due to the support of QZSS and IRNSS, and the RTK fixed rate and positioning reliability are improved accordingly.

Benefit from the optimized algorithm, the upgraded N5 receiver has higher tracking sensitivity, faster data update rate and faster RTK initialization time, which will provide a more reliable and stable solution in signal-limited environments. In addition, the built-in QUANTUM III SoC chip integrates all system functions on one chip, thus reducing power consumption to 1.7W and extending working time to 25 hours.

Beside the new K8-platform, the radio module of N5 receiver has also been replaced by normal UHF module with enhanced long range UHF module, which is compatible with N3 GNSS receiver. The UHF working range of N5 is increased up to 15 km with 2W power consumption under ideal environments, free users from external datalink and power supply while surveying.

Equipped with the original 60° tilt IMU, user-friendly OLED display, rugged IP67 housing, and upgraded with stronger signal tracking capability, longer UHF working range, the N5 INU GNSS receiver can provide users with the first-class surveying experience.

The upgraded N5 IMU GNSS receiver is available now. You can purchase N5 from the local distributors or from ComNav Technology directly.

Click the following link for more information about the upgraded N5 IMU GNSS receiver.

N5 IMU GNSS Receiver Brochure