Field Time Sync GNSS reference Signal Generator

FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD has released Field Time Sync Generator “TB-1” which is a portable GNSS reference signal generator providing a 1PPS and a 10MHz reference frequency for the development and operation of wireless communication equipment, greatly facilitating high-precision synchronization delay measurements at 5G base stations and frequency measurements at digital broadcasting stations.

It is a highly accurate, reliable, fast, and portable Time Sync Generator, equipped with Furuno’s Multi-GNSS Timing Module GT-88 which enables countermeasures against strong multipath in urban area. It enables more accurate measurements in combination with user’s measuring devices in various fields and facilitates the development of wireless communication equipment.

Usage examples:

Synchronization delay measurements at 4G / 5G base stations.

Frequency measurements at terrestrial digital broadcasting stations.

Frequency and time delay measurements in V2X (Vehicle-to-vehicle / road-to-vehicle communication) systems on moving vehicles.

Research and development of wireless communication equipment in laboratories.

The TB-1 dramatically improves the efficiency of field work. It is no longer necessary to carry large, heavy and expensive atomic oscillators for these measurements.

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