TomTom Partners with MIH Consortium as the first & only Global Mapmaker & Navigation Supplier

TomTom’s Mapmaker & Navigation expertise to help accelerate development of next-gen electric vehicles, autonomous driving, & mobility service applications

TomTom has joined the MIH Consortium as the first and only global mapmaker and navigation supplier. The Foxconn-initiated MIH Consortium is bringing strategic partners like TomTom together from across the automotive industry to build the next generation of electric vehicles (EV), autonomous driving, and mobility service applications.

MIH Consortium considers TomTom’s knowledge in digital cockpit and navigation user-experience (UX) for EV drivers as a significant addition to the Open EV Alliance. TomTom’s powerful routing engine leverages advanced map and traffic data as well as information from the vehicle and its surroundings to provide reliable EV routes that get drivers to their destination the fastest, free from range and charging anxiety.

Jack Cheng, CEO of MIH Consortium said, “With TomTom’s collaborative ethos and expertise in creating and maintaining globally scalable maps optimized for user-friendly EV navigation, automated driving and smart mobility solutions, it is clear that they will be an invaluable partner to the MIH Consortium and the Open EV Alliance.”

As a member of the MIH Consortium, TomTom will collaborate regularly with global automotive and technology leaders, help to drive the consortium’s strategic direction, accelerate innovation, and influence the biggest trends in the mobility industry.

Consumers expect cars to become smartphones on wheels, and fast. The MIH Consortium plays a vital role in bridging the gap between all members of the automotive ecosystem, ensuring the close collaboration that is needed across the industry to achieve this end,added Antoine Saucier, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive. “By working more closely with fellow members of the MIH Consortium, including carmaker’s software houses, TomTom can play a key role in the development of game-changing user-friendly smart EVs that continuously evolve to satisfy drivers and passengers.”