Ultra-Small High Precision GNSS Module with Integrated Antenna & Low Power Consumption – GNSSNova M20072

Antenova to reveal its latest compact High Precision GNSS Module at Embedded World. The new product, GNSSNova M20072, is a GNSS receiver with integrated GNSS antenna and greatly reduced power consumption.

M20072 uses a MediaTek 12nm low energy chip with 1.8V power supply which uses 70% less power than older chipsets. The power consumption of the module can therefore be as low as 21mW for a GPS fitness tracker, and GNSS-enabled products built with the M20072 will have a longer battery life.

Antenova created this ready-made receiver solution for easy integration into a design. The module contains an integrated omni-directional GNSS antenna, on-board LNA and a SAW filter which work together to boost the signal to the GNSS processor if line-of-sight to the horizon is difficult.

The M20072 is outstanding for its low energy consumption – it uses only 30% of the power used by previous products,” says Antenova’s product marketing manager, Michael Castle. “It is also very easy to use because there is no RF integration to do, and we assist our customers with reference designs, design reviews and full technical support.”

The M20072 tracks four satellite constellations simultaneously in the 1559-1609 MHz bands: GNSS, GPS, BeiDou and GLONASS. This gives greater accuracy in positioning, and EASY and EPO are built in for a faster time to first fix (TTFF), so designs using M20072 will perform with accuracy and speed.

Ultra-Small High Precision GNSS Module – GNSSNova M20072

At only 13.8 x  9.5 x 1.8 mm, the M20072 is ultra-small, and it requires only a very small clearance on the PCB, making it ideal for the smallest trackers and compact  positioning devices where space on the PCB is tight. It is designed for use in wearable electronics, small trackers, bikes and e-scooters and all battery powered telematics.

GNSSNova M20072 is the latest in Antenova’s portfolio of GNSS receiver modules and SMD antennas. For more information, samples and evaluation boards, visit: https://www.antenova.com/product/gnssnova-m20072/