Light Commercial Vehicle Tracking Solution by Ruptela

Car and van tracking is the next big thing for tracking business. Here is why our LCV tracking solution is different and why it’s worth your time.

With the new LCV tracking solution, we’ve tackled the main issues with LCV tracking in the market  – difficult installation, warranty and safety issues and of course vehicle model coverage.

LCV tracking solution

This tracking solution for passenger and light commercial vehicles reads manufacturer-specific CANbus data via OBD II port. RPM, speed, fuel level, odometer and other data is received directly from CANbus and with 100% accuracy and safety.

  • Developed using official technical knowledge base from vehicle manufacturers
  • Does not violate vehicles warranty
  • Installation with one harness via OBD II port (Plug&Play)
  • Works with most cars and vans (from 2008)

Professional installation

The tracking device is connected to the vehicles OBD II port using a special harness. After the physical installation, the tracker automatically detects the vehicle model and completes the configuration. 

There is no wire cutting and no other physical manipulation with the vehicle. 

Safe and risk-free

LCV tracking solution does not void vehicles warranty and is 100% safe to use.

  • There is no wire cutting and no other physical manipulation with the vehicle.
  • Communication via OBD II port is based on automotive ISO standards, 
  • Communication is read-only type – there are no configurations or anything done to the vehicle itself.
  • All solution is based on the official technical knowledge bases.
  • Only Ruptela manufactured products used – no 3rd parties involved.

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