ComNav Technology Released N3 IMU GNSS Receiver for Higher Efficiency Tasks

ComNav Technology released the new N3 IMU GNSS receiver to the global market online through live broadcast on Facebook (click to watch the record). Compared with the previous receivers, the N3 has made an overall upgrade in platform, UHF modem and IMU algorithm, which brings a brand new high-efficiency work experience for users.

Featuring with strong tracking capability, low power consumption and advanced Quantum algorithm, the fully-upgraded of K8-platform contributes to a great improvement in N3 performance. With 965 channels, N3 is capable of tracking more than 50 satellites of GPS, BDS-2, BDS-3, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS. Benefit from the low power consumption, N3 can realize over 24 hours uninterrupted work.

As a GNSS+INS integrated receiver, N3 has also been optimized in INS algorithm. The simplified IMU initialization process and only once initialization over working time, which greatly facilitates users. In addition, the advanced algorithm also provides a 2cm accuracy with 60° tilt. Both convenience and reliability are obtained.

Another highlight of the N3 receiver is the enhanced UHF, comparing with high power consumption of external radio or short working range of internal radio, N3 receiver provides up to 15km long working range with only 2W power consumption, making it work-efficient and energy-saving for your survey tasks.

In order to provide users with the most reliable and efficient solutions, ComNav Technology has been committed to optimizing product performance. Advantaged with powerful signal tracking capability, enhanced UHF for 15km working range, improved IMU and 25hrs long-lasting batteries, N3 will definitely improve your working efficiency and make your work easier.

The N3 IMU GNSS receiver is available now. Customers can purchase N3 from ComNav Technology authorized local distributors or ComNav Technology directly.

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