WORK Microwave Highlights World-Class Virtual and Optical Ground Stations at IBC2022

WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced RF technology, will showcase its world-class satellite ground segment solutions at IBC2022. With more than 35 years of experience in satellite ground-segment equipment, WORK Microwave provides solutions that transform space and satellite communication deployments, enabling greater flexibility, scalability, sustainability, and more.

WORK Microwave solutions on display will include:

Optimize Ground Segment Operations With a Virtual Solution

WORK Microwave’s Virtual Ground Station (VGS) solution is a state-of-the-art ground station architecture based on digitalized RF signals over IP in accordance with the DIFI standard and wideband signal processing on a cloud platform by a virtualized software modem. VGS brings high flexibility, scalability, efficiency, and “switchability” to ground segment operations by using IP networks that allow flexible composition of the antenna, processing, and operations sides. By supporting as-a-service business models, including ground-station-as-a-service and software-as-a-service, VGS enables operators to pay per use and reduce their hardware investments. Additionally, VGS allows access from anywhere to any digitized antenna worldwide for satellite and space communication.

VGS includes:

  • V-Series software modems for waveform-based processing and connection to DIFI-compliant IP network subscribers. V-Series software can run completely in the cloud or on-premises at physical satellite ground stations based on operators’ requirements.
  • Digitizer/SDR modules with multi-GHz bandwidths are a key element in supporting the migration of ground infrastructures into the digital domain. Satcom-specific designs allow integration into the signal chain with selectable levels of access, for operators, integrators, engineers, and programmers.
  • DBUC/DBDC digital up/downconverter with signal IP connectivity that seamlessly connects to WORK Microwave’s V-Series software modem thanks to DIFI standard compliance, requiring less space, investment, hardware maintenance, and cost.

Space-to-Ground Communication Goes Optical With Digital Optical Ground Station

At IBC2022, WORK Microwave will showcase its Digital Optical Ground Station (DOG) suite of products designed to overcome bandwidth limits and RF spectrum regulatory challenges with free space optical communication using CCSDS and SDA standards. Based on the company’s well-established A-Series platform, DOG is perfect for LEO, GEO, and lunar missions. Leveraging a multi-mission approach, DOG combines the optimal combination of hardware and software for all scenarios, empowering operators to detect and process optical communication from and to space terminals such as CubeLCT, T-OSIRIS, OPTEL-µ, or CAT. With more than 35 years of ground station experience, WORK Microwave offers a turnkey solution from telescope to modem with full integration services for optical ground stations. Top-tier providers of telescopes and adjacent optical components are part of WORK Microwave’s optical ground station solution.