Aaronia showcases high-speed real-time spectrum analyzer at IMS in Washington DC

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From June 16 – 21, over 500 companies will present the latest products and services at this year’s International Microwave Symposium in Washington DC. Aaronia AG will be presenting its revolutionary solutions for the future of spectrum analysis and frequency monitoring in Hall A, Booth 224.

The real-time spectrum analyzers of the SPECTRAN V6 series are specially designed for near-field and far-field measurements, for locating signals or sources of interference or for monitoring EMC problems. The real-time bandwidth of up to 450MHz and the sweep speed of >3,000 GHz/s accelerate all necessary measurements enormously, thus saving time and money. The analyzers are also ideal for broadband frequency monitoring, for example to ensure the proper use of assigned frequency bands. The location and identification of illegal transmitters and the elimination of interference caused by them is also easily possible in conjunction with the broadband antenna arrays from Aaronia.

WLAN and mobile radio optimization

Site surveys are becoming increasingly important for the design, construction and secure operation of WLAN networks. It is crucial for the efficiency of modern WLAN systems to be able to measure and evaluate signal strength, interference and disturbances on site. The aim is to ensure the effective coverage and performance of the network in order to provide a reliable wireless connection. For this purpose, as well as for measurements in the mobile radio environment, Aaronia is presenting the SPECTRAN V6 5G. The device also supports the WiGig 45 GHz (802.11aj) and 60 GHz (802.11ad/aj/ay) profiles, which are now included in the latest version of the RTSA Suite PRO for signal recording and data analysis.

The SPECTRAN V6 XPLORER sets a new benchmark with a frequency range of up to 110 GHz and is the new player in the high-frequency range. This enables extremely reliable localization of signals, especially from ultra wideband systems (UWB) or corresponding radar systems. Even extremely short signals in the microsecond range are reliably detected. These are usually invisible to most systems, which operate much more slowly. In addition, the SPECTRAN V6 XPLORER is a cost-effective development platform and its performance opens up completely new areas of application.

Power in the entry-level segment

With the SPECTRAN V6 ECO, Aaronia is revolutionizing the entry-level segment and already offers a real-time bandwidth (RTBW) of 44MHz and an extended frequency range from 9kHz to 6GHz in the basic version, alternatively also up to 18GHz with 60MHz IBW. In addition, the devices can sweep at up to 3THz/s via software update – another world record for Aaronia AG.

All analyzers are available as USB desktop devices or as fully integrated solutions in a wide range of form factors.

Precise signal localization

In order to fully exploit the performance of the SPECTRAN V6 real-time spectrum analyzers, the world market leader from Germany is also presenting its broadband antenna range. This includes the brand new DF and tracking antennas IsoLOG DF 16-10180 with a frequency range of 1GHz – 18 GHz and the IsoLOG DF 16-20400 with a frequency range of 2GHz – 40 GHz.

“Our SPECTRAN V6 series USB real-time spectrum analyzers are the result of continuous development work. They meet the constantly growing demands on modern equipment and take into account the increasing complexity of signals. For us at AARONIA, the future of measurement technology lies in flexible, modular solutions for every application, as we offer them to meet the needs of our customers,” says Thorsten Chmielus, Managing Director of Aaronia AG.

Visit us at IMS 2024 in Washington DC at the Walter E Washington Convention Center and immerse yourself in the Aaronia world on 1,500 square feet (140 square meters) at our booth 224 in Hall A. Experience the revolution of real-time spectrum analysis with the SPECTRAN V6 series and matching accessories.

For more information visit: www.aaronia.com