Blackline Safety selects u‑blox technology for its latest 4G-enabled connected safety wearable

Integration of the u‑blox LARA-R2 module within Blackline Safety G7c device, LTE capability supports critical voice communication, high bandwidth cloud connectivity & comprehensive location technology

u‑blox announces that Blackline Safety has selected u‑blox technology for its latest 4G-enabled connected safety wearable. Blackline Safety’s G7c device is equipped with a u‑blox LARA-R2 LTE Cat 1 module and an integrated ZOE-M8G GNSS receiver to ensure secure and reliable cellular communication and positioning.

Working in hazardous environments is challenging, even more so when workers are on their own. Blackline Safety’s G7c addresses many of the challenges that lone workers and the companies that depend on them face in their daily lives. The G7c detects the presence of harmful gases, falls, and other signs of distress. Unless users confirm that they are OK, it sends an alarm including an accurate position reading to other team members via cellular communication. A built-in speakerphone helps quickly establish contact with the lone worker.

“Tens of thousands of workers, in over 55 countries around the world, trust our G7 wearables to help keep them safe and connected,” said Barry Moore, VP Product Development at Blackline Safety. “With the integration of the u‑blox LARA-R2 module within our G7c, LTE capability now supports critical voice communication, high bandwidth cloud connectivity, and comprehensive location technology. In addition to meeting our high expectations in terms of product performance and versatility, we selected u‑blox based on their proven ability to deliver dependable technical support throughout the development process.”

The project highlights the robustness of u‑blox wireless communication and positioning technology. “We have been able to provide reliable cellular technology, including the necessary Tier 1 mobile operator certifications for North America, Europe and Japan combined with best-in-class GNSS technology. This collaboration demonstrates that our technology in our solutions can be relied on even in most critical environments,” says Carl Bellanca, Sr. VP/Head of Sales Americas at u‑blox.