Taoglas launched new High-Performance Antennas, miniature IoT speakers & RF Connectors

Taoglas launched its new industry first and smallest 9-in-1 combination antenna with high-performance 5G/4G and dual-band GNSS, 38 new superior performance RF connectors and miniature IoT speakers. Taoglas expansion of portfolio is designed to provide device OEMs with a one-stop shop for quickly and cost-effectively adding wireless connectivity, positioning and other tightly integrated capabilities such as audio to their products.  

Taoglas is known for its best-in-class, high performance and reliable antennas and is showcasing the industry’s largest antenna portfolio at MWC Barcelona 2022. Its newest addition is the Taoglas MA990 Guardian antenna. It is the world’s first and smallest 9-in-1 combination antenna with dual-band GNSS (L1/L2) and globally supported cellular (5G/4G). It has been designed to support emerging market demand for modules that cover specific 5G/4G bands. For example, two of its eight cellular MIMO antennas cover from 600 to 6000 MHz, while another two are optimized for 3000 to 6000 MHz to cover high-band 5G and C-band/CBRS applications. The product is designed to operate on all carrier networks globally and is futureproofed to work with latest 5G routers in the market. 

Housed in a low-profile, robust, IP67–rated waterproof, adhesive–mount external enclosure, the MA990 is ideal for space-constrained, mission-critical applications, including asset and vehicle tracking, first responder vehicles and HD video sources such as surveillance cameras. The Taoglas MA990 also is highly customizable, including for any variation of antennas below 9-in-1 and the addition of Wi-Fi/single-band GNSS. 

Taoglas also has added the SPKM series of miniature dynamic speakers to its audio portfolio. The miniature speakers have high sensitivity and are ideal solutions for applications requiring audio such as Automotive Infotainment, Smart Home and Security, Alarm systems, drones or IoT devices. Ten new 8 Ohm speakers, in a wide variety of form factors deliver pure and true sound, critical for products that require clear audio output. The products utilize Taoglas’ tried and trusted design methodology, manufacturing and quality control processes and stable global supply chain.  

The expanded Taoglas portfolio also includes new SMA, MCX and MMCX RF connectors and adaptors. Taoglas understands the importance of high-performance connections and the 38 new additions to the existing portfolio of RF connectors and receptacles, are designed to provide reliability and superior performance. They are available in all mounting types including PCB, panel, and cable, providing the most flexibility for your system design.  

Transportation, connected healthcare, smart city and other OEMs want to add cellular and high precision positioning as well as other advanced capabilities to their products, but the learning curve is daunting even for those with RF experience. That’s why Taoglas continues to expand its portfolio of combination antennas, speakers, connectors and other advanced components. Now those OEMs have one design and manufacturing partner to work with for the more complex components, which slashes their cost, risk and lead time of developing their next-generation connected products. Taoglas lead times are standard and no longer compromised by the existing global supply chain issues“. Dermot O’Shea, Co-CEO of Taoglas