QuadSAT performs Antenna validation campaign for OneWeb at KSAT Svalbard Ground Station

QuadSAT has performed an antenna validation campaign as part of its ongoing work with LEO satellite operator, OneWeb. QuadSAT performed in-situ verification of 10 antennas at the KSAT Svalbard Ground Station, the world´s largest and northernmost station ideally located at 78´North, in Norway, as part of OneWeb’s ground segment rollout.
The tests focused on the measurements of antenna radiation diagrams, and the verification of the North offset in antenna pointing utilizing the drone as the source.. QuadSAT executed several measurements, including azimuth, elevation, and raster cuts to provide accurate data for processing. Data was aggregated through QuadSAT’s own software to deliver accurate results.
QuadSAT is a key disruptor within interference management as its drone-based system provides users with flexible and accurate antenna testing and calibration. A broad range of testing missions can be undertaken, depending on user requirements, and antennas can be tested regardless of location.
OneWeb is a global communications network powered by a constellation of 650 LEO satellites. OneWeb enables high-speed, low latency connectivity for governments, businesses, and communities globally. Its satellites, network of gateways, and range of User Terminals provide fast, high bandwidth, low latency communication services. 
Joakim Espeland, CEO of QuadSAT, commented: “RF management is crucial when maintaining complex ground segment networks and OneWeb is keen to ensure that it delivers the best service possible to its customers. Our product enables in-depth testing and validation of antennas to take place in-situ, providing OneWeb with accurate data for its antennas within their own environment. This intensive validation campaign endorses the capabilities of OneWeb’s sophisticated ground segment.’
Daniel Costenbader, Ground Systems Engineer of OneWeb, added: “As the rollout of our ground segment progresses, we are utilising innovative methods to ensure that our networks are robust and accurate. By validating our antennas in-situ, we can review and verify the technology in its own environment. The product and expertise provided by QuadSAT has provided us with sophisticated and detailed results from the validation campaign.”
QuadSAT improves accessibility to high-quality testing solutions for the ground segment. The system ensures repeatability, control over the drone during measurements, ease of operation and data delivery in a uniform format. This in-depth testing provides quality assurance and improves reliability throughout the satcom industry, allowing the industry to deliver the networks required for the connectivity of the future.