An economical, high-precision Automated Steering System for all farm sizes – NX510 SE Auto Steer

CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) released the NX510 SE automated steering system that easily retrofits many types of tractors and other vehicles at an affordable price. To enhance flexibility and not limit the use of the equipment to a single farm vehicle, the system is designed according to users’ requests to be easily moved from one tractor to another in less than 40 minutes as the farming season changes.

Multiple RTK correction sources. The NX510 SE’s built-in connectivity modules include a 4G modem and an additional UHF radio module to allow farmers to work with RTK correction sources from local RTK networks or GNSS RTK base stations. The combined GNSS+INS terrain compensation technology ensures automated steering accuracy of 2.5 centimeters and provides superior performance in ditching, planting, and harvesting applications.

Intuitive guidance software – The AgNav App supports multiple guidance patterns to fit field layouts, including straight AB line, A+ line, pivot, irregular curve, and headland turn. It eliminates driving steering errors and any overlapping passes on the field. Aimed at both experienced and first-time users, the AgNav software also features real-time remote technical support from a local dealer’s help desk.

Payback in no time. Operator efficiency and safety are improved as auto-steer systems eliminate steering work and allow them to focus on the tractor, implements, and field. As a result, the NX510 SE allows farmers to improve crop yield, reduce fuel consumption, and enhance sustainability by limiting their carbon footprint while increasing output.

Aerial view of parallel curve pattern on a green grass field

The CHCNAV NX510 SE is available for worldwide delivery from November 1, 2021.

To support the rapid growth of our Agriculture Division, dealership opportunities are open in several countries to precision farming professionals.