infiniDome Debuts GPSdome 2 Anti Jamming Solution at AUVSI Xponential

High-end GNSS protection with disruptive C-SWaP for Small-Medium platforms

infiniDome, the GPS Security Company announces GPSdome 2 Duo, its newest product line delivering GNSS protection for small-medium Class 2-3 UAV/UAS, ground UGV fleets and other critical manned and unmanned platforms. GNSS signal is the cornerstone in all unmanned platforms whether operating in the air or on the ground. Current protection solutions are large, heavy and very expensive, making them irrelevant to these types of airframes and ground fleets. Whereas the GPSdome 2 Duo is designed specifically to meet the stringent C-SWAP limitations associated with these airframes and vehicles.

infiniDome harnesses electronic warfare principles into a tiny package, enabling high-end GNSS anti-jamming protection for the unmanned small to medium platform. Offering dual frequency protection GPS L1 + GPS L2 or GPS L1 + GLONASS G1, GPSdome 2 protects any GNSS-based system from multiple interfering signals. With a groundbreaking triple-null algorithm, GPSdome 2 supports up to 4 elements, enabling protection from up to three directions of jamming in each frequency. With infiniDome’s new home-brew RF chip at its core, the GPSdome 2 has a very small form factor of measuring 80 x 75 x 50mm and weighs only 350g. Unlike competing solutions, GPSdome 2 is fully retrofittable and could be added to protect any existing GNSS system while supporting any off-the-shelf antennas freely deployed on the platform. It is the most optimal non-ITAR GNSS Anti Jamming Solution with disruptive C-SWaP available in the market today.

This dual frequency multi-directional protection solution addresses the needs of our customers for defending their small-medium UAVs and vehicles from GPS jamming,” said Omer Sharar, infiniDome’s CEO. “If, in the past, GNSS protection was required only on high-end platforms, now GNSS protection is an enabler for the entire unmanned world. The traditional solutions are simply irrelevant to cater to these platforms and this is exactly where GPSdome 2 comes in.”

 infiniDome is now accepting pre-orders for GPSdome 2.