Laird Connectivity unveils Six New GNSS-Ready External Antennas

New Offerings Include Five Multi-Port Solutions for Public Safety, In-Building, Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, Vehicle & Personnel Tracking Applications

Laird Connectivity announced the imminent launch of six new GNSS-ready external antennas suitable for a range of applications including vehicle mount. These new antennas are a major expansion of Laird Connectivity’s industry-leading suite of single and multi-port GPS antennas. These antennas are designed to meet the rigorous demands of a number of vertical industry use cases including public safety, in-building connectivity, fleet management, and tracking of physical assets, vehicles and personnel.

The GNS1559MPF or Mini GNSS is a small form factor, rugged, high performance, and cost-effective solution for most GNSS or asset tracking applications.

The five multi-port variants offer coverage for cellular, Wi-Fi, GNSS, FirstNet, and Emergency Services Network (ESN) frequencies and allow for MIMO and/or navigation/location opportunities within the same antenna.

“As demand for connectivity and tracking of assets increases, so does the need for additional frequencies or antennas on board that asset,” said Bill Steinike, Laird Connectivity’s VP of Strategic Business Development. “Laird Connectivity’s new range of GNSS antennas offers reliable tracking of vehicles or assets. Our new multi-port GNSS antennas are simple to install and only require a single antenna installation for out-of-the-box MIMO operations in addition to location or tracking.”

The low profile and rugged range of antennas can be used for SISO or multi-port MIMO applications and are available with a range of port and connector options:

  • GNS1559MPF – 1 port (GNSS)
  • VHP69273x22J – 5 ports (3G/4G LTE x 2, Wi-Fi x 2, GNSS x 1)
  • VLQ69273x21J– 4 ports (3G/4G LTE x 2, Wi-Fi x 1, GNSS x 1)
  • VLT69273x2NJ– 3 ports (3G/4G LTE x 2, GNSS x 1)
  • VMJ24493x– 3 ports (Wi-Fi x 2, GNSS x 1)
  • VLT69273x11J– 3 ports: (3G/4G LTE x 1, Wi-Fi x 1, GNSS x 1)

All of the antennas listed above are IP67 rated, low profile, high performance and designed for a single hole mount. Along with Laird Connectivity’s unique five-year product warranty, they offer reliable performance for the harshest of environments.

Further information on the GNSS family of antennas is available on the Laird Connectivity website.