Syrlinks unveil N-XONOS, a High-Data-Rate Transmitter for Nano, Cube & Micro Satellites

Syrlinks, the worldwide leader in the design of RF Communication systems for Space releases at the Space Tech Expo exhibition the N-XONOS solution.

N-XONOS comes as a very compact and high-performance X-Band Telemetry Transmitter, especially designed to be integrated within Cube, Nano and Micro Satellites.

“With N-XONOS, we are ready to support customers to implement high-data-rate downlink. Its DVB-S2 based processing authorizes in flight MODCODs modification to achieve the best transmission efficiency during satellite pass.” explains Ronan Foubert, Product Manager at Syrlinks. “N-XONOS design is based on COTS1 components and address 5 years typical mission.” adds Ronan.

N-XONOS enriches the Syrlinks X-band transmitters product portfolio. The company has already delivered X-band high-data-rate transmitters for many renown missions such as Proba-V, for the Myriade Evolution platform from the CNES and more recently for Pléiades Neo.

The design of compact High-Data-Rate transmitter has been very challenging as it comes as a complex trade-off between multiple factors such as compactness, power consumption, processing performance, RF power and of course design cost” highlights Eric PINSON, Director of Space activity at Syrlinks.

“With N-XONOS we are ready to address the booming market of Earth Observation small satellite constellations, that requires significant higher data throughput as well as extended mission duration!adds Eric.

N-XONOS will be highlighted at Syrlinks Booth Hall 4 #E22 at Space Tech Expo 2021 in Bremen (Germany).