SATNUS Technologies held its first General Shareholders’ Assembly on June 21

Started trading as Spanish technological leader of the remote carriers technology pillar

The SATNUS consortium formed by GMV, SENER Aeroespacial & Tecnobit-Grupo Oesía begins trading as Spanish technological leader of the remote carrier’s technology pillar

On 21 June, the first general shareholders’ assembly of SATNUS Technologies S.L. was held. This new company, led by Tecnobit – Grupo Oesía, SENER Aeroespacial and GMV, will be coordinating activities of the remote carriers technology pillar of the Next Generation Weapons System (NGWS) of the Future Combat Air System (FCAS).

The general shareholders’ assembly ended with the signing of its minutes by Luis Furnells, executive president of Tecnobit-Grupo Oesía; José Julián Echevarría, CEO of SENER Aeroespacial; and Jesús B. Serrano, CEO of GMV. Also present at this signing ceremony were representatives of the three firms: Carlos D. Suárez, director of Grupo Oesía; Rafael Orbe, general defense manager of SENER Aeroespacial and Manuel Pérez, GMV’s security and defense manager.

This consortium spearheads the national commitment to the remote carrier’s technology pillar, the activities of which are crucial for the development and innovation of Spain’s technology industry. To find out more