Hexagon | VERIPOS named key supplier of Offshore Positioning Solutions for FMS

With VERIPOS, FMS achieves reliable & robust positioning for offshore hydrographic survey operations

First Marine Solutions (FMS) has made a significant investment to strengthen their new survey department through a key supplier partnership with Hexagon | VERIPOS to achieve a complete and robust offshore positioning solution. With the purchase of high-precision LD8 GNSS receivers, Quantum software and a subscription to VERIPOS’ PPP correction services, FMS can begin offering decimetre-level accuracy for offshore hydrographic survey, positioning and construction operations.

FMS’ selection of VERIPOS as their key supplier of GNSS positioning and correction services recognizes VERIPOS’ complete positioning offerings. VERIPOS delivers positioning through their GNSS receivers, antennas and GNSS+INS technology, with complete redundancy in corrections from VERIPOS’ own 80+ station reference network. VERIPOS technology and services provide a complete positioning solution supporting offshore construction, mooring, hydrographic survey and other offshore energy applications.

“Our investment with VERIPOS positioning products and services bolsters First Marine Solutions’ in-house offerings,” said FMS Survey & Positioning Manager Carl Lafferty. “Choosing VERIPOS as our key supplier of GNSS positioning receivers and correction services firmly establishes FMS as a leading turnkey supplier in the offshore energy market.”

With their investment in precise positioning, FMS extends their positioning solutions into their work in offshore survey as well as temporary and permanent mooring solutions for floating offshore units to support the emerging renewables market.

Learn more about VERIPOS GNSS positioning hardware, software and correction services at veripos.com.