Integrating Sensor-based Reefer Solution with Trailer Tracking technology

Creating a complete solution for businesses needing both powered and non-powered asset tracking

SkyBitz offers Total Cold Chain Visibility through partnership with Coretex. The strategic alliance between compnies will combine Coretex sensor-based reefer solution and cloud-based software platform with SkyBitz trailer tracking technology to create a complete solution for businesses needing both powered and non-powered asset tracking. Food, pharmaceutical and retail customers alike can now achieve total visibility into the status of loads during transportation, resulting in improved food safety and quality assurance.

The SkyBitz and Coretex partnership allow customers to access and manage both reefer device data and trailer tracking data via one seamless solution, enabling greater insight, a more transparent view of their entire cold chain operation, and better decision making. Customers can now automate FSMA compliance, allowing them to keep assets on the road for longer, monitoring them with advanced temperature tracking capabilities.

“Our customers look to us for innovative, value-driven solutions that help improve profits across their entire operation,” states Henry Popplewell, DVP/President of SkyBitz. “As leaders in the supply chain and logistics arena, we are excited to capitalize on this partnership to continue to grow our cold chain customer base and align ourselves with the foodservice industry through this technology partnership. The Coretex pedigree in last-mile food and beverage distribution is the perfect complement to our asset management technology.”

With this new offering, customers of Coretex and SkyBitz will benefit from the following:

● Over 50 features of remote cold chain monitoring capabilities, including two-way reefer control, monitoring of up to six doors, and advanced power management to preserve reefer and telematics unit (TMU) battery life. 

● Single point of access to critical and timely best-in-class trailer utilization and reefer information on one seamlessly connected platform, greatly expanding productivity and streamlining operations.

● Communication between the trailer and other connected sensors with options to expand to additional Coretex products such as their assurance solution, CoreTemp.

● An unmatched compilation of integrated driver safety, compliance, and asset management tools including the Coretex integration with trailer braking solutions and automatic tire inflation systems.

“Combining SkyBitz leading trailer and asset management technology with Coretex cloud-based software platform, two-way reefer solutions, and deep compliance capabilities create a powerful solution for both companies,” says Coretex CEO Selwyn Pellett. “At Coretex, reefer solutions have been a core part of our business for 16 years, and we’re excited to share our experience with SkyBitz. The trailer expertise of SkyBitz complements our offering, perfectly creating a solution that can help businesses increase the productivity of their assets. With the growing importance of food safety assurance for both food producers and distributors, we think both companies’ customers will find our combined fully-featured solution the best on the market.”