SPH Engineering released a Drone Show Software update

SPH Engineering released a Drone Show Software update which allows users to run a drone swarm show with up to 1,000 UVify IFO light show drones. The technology was upgraded in partnership with UVify & is only available with UVify IFO swarm light show drones.

The software was developed from managing from 500 to 1,000 UVify IFO swarm light show drones, with performance being upgraded to improve the ability to control large scale fleets. While scaling a fleet, the software allows preflight checks to guarantee safety during the show based on a dual geofence principle. 

2020 was a turning point in outdoor entertainment history as drone light shows were almost the only activity that could be safely enjoyed by the public from a distance. Options varied from small 20-50 drone shows performed by SMEs, 100-500 drone shows used mainly for marketing in the sky, and large-scale shows of thousands of drones organised by governments around the world to thank pandemic frontliners. The Drone Show Software team has been developing technology to meet growing customer demands, and is now proud to offer a solution that makes it possible to light the sky with up to 1,000 drones,” Alexey Dobrovolskiy, CTO at SPH Engineering, says.

Humanity has always looked towards used the wide open sky to deliver and receive messages. With the help of 21st century satellite and drone technology drone light shows are introduced and the idea that we can utilize unused space in the sky for something more has become a vivid reality. UVify’s IFO drone technology in conjunction with SPH Engineering’s DSS, is transforming the way in which we connect and communicate with one another,” Hyon Lim, CEO at UVify, comments.

To learn more about the technology, watch https://youtu.be/Zn6yzze4l1w