Utah Scientific Bounces Back From Pandemic With Price Reduction

Buyers Could Save as Much as 30% on UDS Compact Series and UHD 12G Video Routing Systems

Utah Scientific announced that it has reduced prices on its UDS and UHD 12G line of video routers. The reduction comes after pandemic-era supply chain problems forced temporary price increases. Now that things are getting back to normal and Utah Scientific’s ability to manufacture and provide service is back up to speed, it is passing those savings on to customers and partners.

When the pandemic hit, it caused disruptions in the supply chain that meant Utah Scientific had to pay a premium for components and had to commit to orders more than 52 weeks in advance. As a result, it was very difficult for the company to forecast and plan, and there was no choice but to charge more for its products. Those factors affected the entire industry, with long lead times essentially destroying “just in time” manufacturing.

While costs on many parts are still elevated, they have stabilized enough that Utah Scientific can now lower prices on individual system components wherever possible. Savings will vary depending on the need, but buyers can expect up to 30% off the total price of their new UDS or UHD router packages. All of this, of course, still comes with the same 10-year hardware warranty with included service and support.

“While not completely back to normal, things are now much closer to business as usual, and I’m pleased to say that we’re continuing to rebound from the pandemic,” said Brett Benson, Utah Scientific CEO. “We began to notice that we’re not having to pay the premiums to obtain materials anymore, so we wanted our customers and partners to reap the benefits.”

The UDS Series consists of everything from a configurable distribution amplifier to routers with rack sizes of 10×10 to 144×144 3G SDI. It is designed to provide mission-critical routing and distribution for small-scale operations.

The UHD-12G digital routing switcher was the industry’s first enterprise-class router to receive, route, and distribute the full range of SDI video signals over a single-link interconnect. The UHD line also includes a configurable DA as well as router frames from 32×32 up to 288×288.

More information about Utah Scientific and the company’s product line is available at www.utahscientific.com.