ISRO offers 5-Day Free Online Course on GIS & Remote Sensing Technology for Students

A 5-day free online course with opportunity to learn from experts on “Usefulness of Remote Sensing & GIS for Environmental Studies” with Certification

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is offering a free online learning program for school students with certification for the courses. The course named “Usefulness of Remote Sensing and GIS for Environmental Studies” is around five days long and will be conducted through the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS).

The course offered aims at creating awareness among students on Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing Technology explaining their applications or usefulness for environmental studies. Through informative lectures and demonstrations students can learn the satellite data utilization via GIS and Image processing software, helping them to understand the importance of Remote Sensing and vast environment and thus in career decision making.

The five-day online course is scheduled between 26 July – 30 July 2021 and the last date to apply for the course is 20 July 2021. Students can get the opportunity to learn and interact with reputed scientists working at Indian space research institutes.

If you are a student and want to apply for the program then here are few things you definitely need to know before participating for the course.

  • The course is open to all Indian School students of 10th, 11th and 12th standard.

  • The online course will be held between 26July – 30 July 2021.

  • The last date to apply for the course is 20 July 2021 and students can apply for the course by clicking apply now for the course S. No. 35 available at

  • Live streaming of the lectures will be available at IIRS YouTube channel.

  • The recorded lectures will also be available on IIRS LMS portal by 1500 hours daily during the course. To view recorded lectures participants can login on IIRS Learning Management System (LMS) portal with the credential sent on email while registering for the course.

  • Every day during the course there will be two live sessions of 45 minutes lecture and 10 minutes Q/A session.

  • Through YouTube Chat Box, participants can ask questions and some of the best questions will be selected and answered by faculty after a 5min break post the lecture.
  • After completing the five-day course, participants will need to provide their feedback and then collect the certificate before 5 August 2021.

How to apply for the course?

  • Upload your photo in jpg or png format.
  • Submit your application and you will receive login credentials on the email address provided. This can be used to access the LMS portal.

For more details and to read the official guidelines click here.