RYS8830, the world’s smallest GNSS Antenna module with Ultra Low Power

Small form factor & Ultra Low Power 1.8V UART/I2C interface GNSS antenna module

REYAX Technology, a solutions provider of quality modules, engineering designs and supply chain services to electronics manufacturers in Taiwan including OEM, ODM and EMS has revealed its REYAX RYS8830 small form GNSS antenna module with Ultra Low Power 1.8V UART/I2C interface which is built on the high performance of the SONY CXD5605GF CXD5605AGF GNSS engine.

The RYS8830 utilizes concurrent reception of GNSS systems offering high sensitivity in a small SMD form factor, and its dimensions is 11mm*11mm *2.2mm. Its tracking sensitivity is around -161 dBm and it takes 35 seconds to cold-boot and 1 seconds to warm-boot. It has a minimum power supply voltage of 1.71 V and maximum voltage supply of 1.89 V. 

Features of RYS8830

• SONY CXD5605GF CXD5605AGF multi-GNSS receiver for GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS, BeiDou and Galileo

• Small SMD form factor 121mm^2

• Enhanced GNSS Filter and Low Noise Amplifier

• Ultra-low power consumption

• Up to Position accuracy 1.0 m CEP

• Embedded Antenna

• Optional external antenna

Benefits of the RYS8830:

Nowadays, the applications of GNSS are booming and tracking is one such application where its implementation is widely used as tracking devices are the fastest growing devices these days which are very much in use of wearable segments.

RYS8830 is a small device having ultra-low power consumption, ideal device for tracking applications and wearing. It can be used on tracking and shared economy et cetera, smart bicycle and fitness trackers etc.

It can be a part of personal, pet, vehicle tracker; wearable devices and asset tracking.

For more information visit: www.reyax.com