u-blox select SystemWeaver for developing safe GNSS products

Enabling instant collaboration & Integrates safety with product data

u-blox announce that it has selected the SystemWeaver, a multi-user, multi-site, product development software platform for its GNSS products. Having a strong foundation in the automotive industry, SystemWeaver enables instant collaboration and sharing of mission-critical information in complex development processes. It gives organizations a platform that is easily integrated with other applications, where changes and updates are instant, and configurations can be reused. SystemWeaver supports and guides development according to ISO 26262.

“We are, of course, pleased with this decision and are looking forward to supporting the future development at u-blox,” says Mats Larsson, Director of Strategy Sales and Marketing at Systemite AB in Gothenburg.

“SystemWeaver has had an excellent track record for the past 20 years, and the software is critical for organizations such as ours that want to keep control in a more complex product development. Especially our functional safe GNSS products,” says Marcus Graf von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Team Lead Functional Safety Program Management at u-blox in Zürich.

“SystemWeavers’ capabilities, bridging traditional ALM, PLM and MBSE, give it a unique position in the market. It gives you one single tool for all steps in your development process such as requirements, architecture design, component design, test, reuse and so on,” says Mats Larsson further. “It supports all requirements of ISO26262, enables instant collaboration, and it integrates safety with product data.”